Even more new features!!!

It’s Friday (hooray!!) and we’ve had yet another week of productive yearbooking in the office. We’ve been busy sending out our sample packs, visiting schools and you guessed it… adding even more great features for you! So what’s new this week?

Firstly you may have noticed the activity feed in your yearbook home page has become more versatile- you can now click on a specific person to find out what they’ve been up to in the yearbook, choose a specific question and review everyone’s answers to this and more. Super useful when it comes to proof-reading but also great for giving you ideas for your own profile! Generally members can use the links to hop between sections in the yearbook and it also acts a prompt for your members to fill out their own profile, vote on awards etc 🙂 Handy stuff huh?!


You’ll also notice a new ‘Me’ tab which is where you can review everything for your profile; answers, suggestions, pictures, the lot! Perfect for yearbooking on the go especially if you’re using your phone or other mobile device to add content to the book!


Our developers have been listening intently to your feedback, and have now added 6 and 9 per page templates. These are perfect if you want a small photo per person, and enough room for a quote, or a couple of lines of text. They are also very well suited to Teacher/Staff pages 🙂

Ta-dah! That’s all for this week but do let us know if you’re looking for other features or if you have any feedback 🙂 Have a good weekend guys!

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