Collages Galore!

collage 3

We’ve recently launched our new online collage tool and we’re super excited to share this with you for lots of different reasons 🙂 So what’s new about this I hear you ask… well the largest difference this year is that you can now add, view and edit your collages, and preview the changes instantly. Gone are the days of leaving design instructions and waiting in anticipation to see your finished pages! You’re in the driving seat this year and you can use the online tool to create beautiful collages that fill your book with personality. Naturally, collages will play a large part in reflecting your time at school as they capture all the events, parties, trips and productions you may have taken part in over the years. We often find that members like to upload lots of photos for editors to choose from and it often seems a shame when you cant squeeze everything in! It’s worth remembering when you plan your pages that you can add a massive 20 pages extra for just 80p more per book; for the equivalent of a chocolate bar, that’s not much at all when it comes to preserving your favourite memories and photos for a lifetime!

For those of you who didn’t take part in our collage workshop today, you can find lots of useful tips and a handy video tutorial on our support site 🙂 We’ll be adding even more elements to the collage tool over the coming weeks but that’s no reason to wait- you can always save your collages and come back to them from time to time to develop them further 🙂

We’ll be looking to add ways to add text and backgrounds to your pages to help develop the theme of your book overall but we’re also keen to let you highlight particular photos on a page (whether that be by rotating it slightly to a jaunty angle or adding a frame). If there are any other features that you’d like to see, just chat to your yearbook coordinator and we can relay this to our development team to see if it’s possible!

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