Preparing for the 2013 busy season

Preparing for the 2013 busy season

At the end of August 2012, and after nearly two years of development, we launched our new and exciting yearbook creation system along with a raft of changes to our product and pricing. Feedback on these changes has been overhwelmingly positive, however there have also been some comments about features we used to have that were missing.

We’ve been rolling out new features and improvements since launching in August, but unfortunately the speed of the roll out hasn’t been fast enough and there was no easy way to fix this. Our yearbook business is extremely seasonal and it’s crucial that we’re able to fully support all of our customers during the busy period that kicks off this month.

At the end of November I took the decision to take the best bits of our new system and the best bits of our old system and fuse them together. This enables our customers to keep our fantastic new page designs whilst also benefiting from a quicker roll out of features that are required for the yearbook busy season. What’s lost is our new system’s book-centric interface, but we’ve worked hard to ensure this shouldn’t cause any problems. We’ve also lost some aspects of the real-time nature of the new system, but these should gradually reappear over the coming weeks.


Jake Gordon
Managing Director
AllYearbooks Limited

Here are some answers to questions you might have about our changes:

Help! Everything looks different!

The interface has changed but all your data remains intact. Please take a few minutes to explore the new interface and do get in touch if you get stuck.

Do I need to create a new yearbook?

No – we’ve copied all your data across to our new system.

Will my or my members’ log in details still work?


What’s the new web address for my yearbook?

Use the same web address you were using before.

How do I upload pages I’ve made myself now?

We will relaunch this feature over the coming days.

How does this affect the price of my yearbooks?

It doesn’t.

How will this affect the design of my yearbook?

It doesn’t.

Why isn’t uploading photos as quick and easy any more?

We will be makiing improvements to uploads over the coming days.

As a member, how do I preview what my profile will actually look like now?

Right now, you can’t – you can only see an HTML representation of your entry. However, on saving any answers to profile questions you will be notified how much space you have left to write in, or if you’ve gone over your limit. We hope to add a feature for you to be able preview your profile again in the coming weeks.

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