Amazing new yearbook system

We quietly launched our new online yearbook system last week and the response so far has been amazing. New and previous customers alike have been commenting on how user-friendly and intuitive it is, a big step up from our previous design that served us well for around 4 years. If you haven’t got started with your yearbook yet here’s a quick sneak peak at what it looks like:

But we don’t stop there. Oh no. We’re completely, 100% dedicated to our online yearbook system, and we develop it in-house all year round. Whilst many of our competitors do little updates at the end of each year, we put everything we possibly can into delivering the very best user experience in creating your yearbooks with us.

In particular, over the coming months we’ll be implementing an large number of new features to make using our yearbook system so incredibly simple and fun that you’ll dream about using it. Err… yeah… well, we can dream anyway!

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