Worst yearbook ever?

Follow these 5 top tips to ensure your yearbook isn’t the “Worst yearbook ever”:

  • allow us to make up to 10 collage pages for you… they look lovely!
  • use our online system and allow members to upload their own photos rather than using low-resolution ones taken by the school photographer
  • allow us to help you design a really snazzy cover for your yearbooks, or run a competition amongst students for ‘best cover design’ and use that one
  • get a teacher on board asap, ensuring they proof read your yearbook well in time for your delivery deadline. Don’t leave it until the last minute to involve a teacher and then find they want you to get rid of all the stuff you thought was funny, but the school thinks is outrageous
  • add some of our pre-made message/signature pages at the back of the book, or dotted throughout it, giving people space to add messages to each other on book hand-out day

Of course, another option is to completely ignore our advice and then use the following image on the back cover to prove it was intentionally pants rather than just a complete lack of effort.

Worst yearbook ever

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