Making babies, and affordable yearbooks

It’s our hundredth blog post!

It’s also the week of the birth of Jake’s second baby, a wee lady-tike. Let’s dedicate this post to her. In response to his request for name suggestions I think she should be called Alice. May she tumble down many rabbit holes.

However, I’m not going to talk at length on the baby-making side of things. This is a family site…

Instead, in order to drag out this late night blog post I will comment on what a number of people have been coming back to us about – namely, how cheap our books are, if we make them any cheaper, and if they can make them any cheaper?!?

Clearly people are feeling the pinch, and this concern is very close to our hearts as well. Jake just recently explained a part of his logic for our name – AllYearbooks – that we’re gunning to provide good quality yearbooks to all who want them. That means keeping the price down.

First of all, let me assure you that we do our best. We work to very high standards of book production, and in order to keep our prices low, we keep our margins low. We don’t make so much per yearbook order, and live off a reputation that keeps us growing and keeps people coming back.

But our prices can only go so low, and the 10%  discounts we have at the moment can’t run all year, which leaves you with the big question: How do I make my yearbook cheap enough for everyone in the year to get one?

We’ve talked about this before, but it can always stand a rehashing. So, two tips:

TIP ONE: sells lots of yearbooks!

Ordering more yearbooks can bring the price down dramatically. I’m not suggesting you order books you don’t need – although we almost always get people wanting extras once they have been handed out – but make it clear to everyone that the more people who order books, the cheaper they will be.

Get promoting among the students:

  • Put up posters – in common areas or in the halls (with permission of course). Our poster is online, or you can make your own
  • Ask people what they want, and then give it to them. Students will be more interested if they feel represented in the yearbook plans
  • Get everyone involved. Whether they plan at first to buy a book or not, everyone should be online filling in profiles. Again, it makes them closer to the resulting product
  • Get everyone even more involved! Don’t only get them onto the site. Hold competitions for cover designs, articles, art pages, poems. Let them see their work in print
  • Talk people into it. At the end of the day, you believe you’re making something cool that everyone will want. Just explain that and why 🙂

TIP TWO: raise extra funds.

Between our prices and a good large order you now have a book that isn’t expensive, but there will be some people strapped for cash in their last year. You want everyone to be able to get a book, so get some extra money to bring down the price for all.

  • Sales. Boot-sales, cake sales, sales for anything you have spare or can make cheap. It all goes into the pot, and parents and students will be happy to help
  • Events. Run, jog, cycle for money. Have a football marathon where players come on and go off and you keep it up all day. Whatever will be fun but tough
  • Sponsorship. Local businesses might want an advert in your yearbook or a card handed out with the handout. A takeaway or sandwich bar will get plenty of goodwill amongst students who might be out and about and in need of a snack

Raise a hundred pounds, or a few hundred, and suddenly your yearbooks are that bit cheaper and some more people want to splash out on one.

Anyway, that’s what’s on the breeze – the recession is still alive people, and cheap is in. And there’s my excuse for a post to announce Jake’s new baby, without even getting his permission 😉

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