Who to speak to about your yearbook

This year we decided that we’re growing so fast that it would be easier for our customers to – as much as possible – speak to just one of us, rather than whoever answers the phone first. We’ve made this really easy:

  • Pratik will be helping with all Year 11  (S4 in Scotland) yearbooks
  • David will be there to help Year 13s (S6 in Scotland)
  • Nic will be on hand for all other group types: primary schools, university groups and anyone else

If your yearbook co-ordinator isn’t available when you phone or email, someone else can almost always help you by bringing up your account details. Nic, David and Pratik can all do pretty much everything to do with your yearbooks, but generally it’s just easier for you to speak to the same person.

Also, Jamey and I are always on hand for any technical questions, and if you ever have to ‘have a word with the boss’ just ask for me – Jake.

We believe in as little bureaucracy as possible and we hope you like our new plan 🙂

PS: you don’t have to do anything differently. Any existing phone numbers and email addresses will continue to work as before.

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