Our very unconventional server rack

Server RackWe love saving energy! One way we do that is by using low-powered laptops rather than bigger power-hungry monster machines. Web and other types of servers tend to live in big racks which require lots of extra power to cool them all. We just have two laptops and a couple of external USB drives instead.

At the bottom ofthe picture is ‘The Server’ – in fact, the Post it note we’ve stuck on top of it has the word ‘server’ on it just in case someone forgets. We’ve got Ubuntu Linux running on there.

Connected to ‘The Server’  by a flimsy USB cable is ‘The Z Drive’ where we store all our customers files. They’re all encrypted so if some evil person were to steal it they wouldn’t be able to see any data on it at all. These used to live on ‘The Server’ but we soon ran out of space.

Next up is my favourite laptop/computer ever – ‘The Tablet’. You can actually write on the screen of this laptop with a special pen (hence ‘tablet’), but these days this machine just sits there waiting for us to chuck Word, Publisher and other such files at it and out pops PDFs ready to put into your yearbooks. Veyr useful.

Next row up is another external USB drive, which of course is also encrypted. The one shown is ‘Mr Black’, but we also have ‘Mr Red’. They do our backups and we alternate them each day to ensure that if the office were ever to blow up then we’d have a backup from at most one working day before. Peace of mind there, then.

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