A ‘spellbound’ customer

250 copies of a lovely laminated hardback yearbook have just been handed out eager students at William Farr Comprehensive School in Lincoln. Here’s what they had to say about the books:

“It was our leavers day today and the books were finally given out. The students were amazed and the quality of the whole book and spell bound by the fact that their memories of the past 5 years were captured in such a way. I’ve already had parents speaking to me thanking me for the book. You’ve really done us proud. Your team have been amazingly patient with me as a total ‘technophobe’ and made it as  easy as anything – even answering the same questions a thousand times. The prompt delievery and the aftercare have also been amazing.  I would use you again in a shot and will be recommending to colleagues.  THANK YOU so much!!!”

And thank you too! We’re really very glad to be able to help people crystalize their memories for many years to come.

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