The Importance of Being on Email

It’s the final day of half-term week for most people, and everyone seems tro have vanished! Dead … or just gone somewhere away from a computer to relish in their last few hours of freedom and holiday homework guilt, the inbox is left quiet.

With little enough interest in yearbooks today, I might as well take the opportunity to point out something that might be obvious, but is still a problem.

Mis-typed emails don’t work.

It’s true – this seemingly natural supposition has been the cause of no end of troubles this year, and it’s only February.

When you’re an editor creating an online yearbook, or asking for a copy of our information pack/yearbook sample, you’re always using a closed system connected to us through our website to make the enquiry. So it’s VITAL that you make sure the email address you put in is typed correctly, and that it’s one you check regularly!

Otherwise people make enquiries of us and then think we’ve forgotten them, as we pelt emails out in variations of .com,, .org., all just to try to figure out what was put in wrong.

Now we’ve got members signing up to yearbooks in droves, there another problem emerging. Pretty regularly we get emails bouncing that are members who have forgotten their password and are asking for a new one.

When you need a new password we send an email to confirm, so you need a working email address!

The yearbook online can only be so clever, and we are certainly not psychic (how much easier things would be if we were!). We need phone contacts as well, for emergencies, but emails are usually better, and the ’emergencies’ are often that we’ve had no reply for months!

I’m asking all yearbook editors now – if you haven’t heard from us in a while and are wondering, send us an email from your most used email account, and make sure we’re not desparately trying to get hold of you.

And if you get a member telling you that they can’t get into the yearbook and can’t get a new password, get their email address and check it with us – odds are they’ve put it in wrong!

Sincerely – comments from the Cod 😉

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