Keeping the cost down

People are making real headway with their books at the moment and that includes finalizing the numbers and getting deposits in.  Which often leads to the question “how do we make our book cheaper?”  Well, we do our best to keep the prices down at this end, our returning customers know that we have hardly increased our prices since last year.  So what can you do?

Order more copies, the more you order the less they cost per book! Every year we have people who want to get extra copies because they sold like hot cake on the day and now everyone wants one.  But ordering a few books at a time means the price per book goes up!  Tell your Head or Principal that you are making a book and get them to order a few for the school, we’ve had great feedback from schools that have shown them to PTA and councils meetings.

We are not big fans of advertising in yearbooks but we do like to support our local community and we’d encourage you to do the same:-)  So think about approaching your local shops and businesses and have a few pages of adverts in your book.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Decide how many pages of adverts you want and where you want them in the book
  • Have different charges for full, half and quarter page adverts
  • Try approaching small businesses near your school that have an interest in student business

But how much do you charge?! Well, how much do you want to pay for your books (realistically!) and how much will they actually cost, the difference will give you an idea of how much you need to raise with advertising.

If you don’t want to approach businesses for advertising try organizing a fund raising event.  We’ve just spent 10mins brainstorming and here’s what we came up with… car wash, sponsored walk/run/bike ride, bake cakes, hold a raffle or car boot sale (there are bound to be one or two things you get for Christmas that you don’t want!)… what ever you can think of!

And if you do hold a fund raising event, let us know how it went and we’ll make a list of ideas and add it to the editors resources:-)

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