The blog begins & press photo shoot

photo of jake with a yearbook

This is the first post in the staff blog, a place for our massive workforce (ehem, me and Gemma) to talk about all kinds of boring nonsense that goes on in our daily working lives.

Today (though a Sunday, not one of our official ‘weekends’ as they now fall mid-week due to Gemma’s acupuncture most – but not this – Saturday and Sunday) we did a little photo shoot in the park to get some red hot juicy photos for a press release we intend to release this week.

We’re using a brand new Canon EOS 400D which we bought last week. It takes some brilliant photos but I still have to figure out a thing or two about it, so we’ll be needing to take some more shots tomorrow.

Anyway, that’s the exciting world at AllYearbooks today. Stay tuned this week for such sure-to-be-fascinating activities as “taking the dog for a walk”, “watching Neighbours” and “an exposé of the long journey to walk (all 5 metres)”.

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