Making summer camp books


If you’re lucky enough to be spending the holidays at summer camp this year, you’ll probably have loads of funny memories and stories to share with friends and family.  If any of you are looking to make a book for your 2016 summer camp then do get in touch as we’d be delighted to help you put this together 🙂 Email us on for more info and prices!

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Theatre school yearbooks

theatreI love theatre school yearbooks! From a print perspective, they always look super smart as everybody includes their super slick high quality head shots (usually in black and white) on their profiles and the performances have been captured wonderfully with high resolution images. It’s marvellous and a thing of beauty 🙂

If you’re interested in making a yearbook for your theatre or dance school do pop an email over to us

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Making trip books for your school


If your school is going on an epic trip or sports tour, you may want to make a smaller book for your group. I’m always amazed at the destinations you guys travel to nowadays so it’s no surprise that the demand for travel books is rising! As our minimum order quantity is just 20 copies and our paperbacks cost just £9, these little budget books are a great way to capture your journals and photos. Over the few few years, we’ve had the pleasure of making a few wonderful books which were filled with the scanned journal entries of students and teachers who visited Africa on a school trip. Complete with doodles in margins and  daily diary entries, trip books are a great cost effective way of celebrating life-changing travels and group achievements 😀

DAO Tanzania Cover Draft

If you would like more information about making a trip book for your school, just drop us an email or speak to your yearbook coordinator!

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Staff proof-readers and why they are needed

Make Art Not War

This is a little post for all you yearbook editors who are confused about staff proof-readers and what their role in the yearbook is. You’ve probably spotted them mentioned on your To-do checklists or you might have been discussing this with your yearbook coordinator 🙂

A yearbook is a great way to celebrate the greatness of your year group and we hate to hear of people spoiling that experience for others with hurtful (intentional or otherwise) comments. A staff proof-reader can help you read over the final content of the book before it is printed to ensure everything in it is suitable. As a representative of the school, they will also be able to confirm they are happy with how the schools branding has been used and give final sign off to print.

If you plan to use your school name, logos or imagery, you will need to get a member of staff to confirm they will either:

A)  proof-read the yearbook on behalf of the school


B) authorise you or another student editor  to approve the content on behalf of the school

Failure to provide these details can result in delays to your print and delivery dates so it’s best to let us know who will do this for you as soon as you can.  We can ensure they have everything they need for when the time comes to print 🙂 Rest assured your project won’t be taken away from you and you can let us know who will do this via chat, email or phone. All we need from you is the name of the staff member you are nominating and their contact email (preferably their school email address for ease).

Remember teachers have lives too so telling us who your staff proof-reader is on the day of your print deadline will not be helpful. They will need time to proof-read and get online so it’s best to ensure they have access to do this at least a week before your print deadline just in case they suggest any changes.

If your print deadline falls over a school holiday, it is your editing team’s responsibility to check the staff proof-reader will be available to review the final draft during this time. They will need to log in to the book to click a confirmation button and if we cannot reach them, your project will be delayed!

If you’re set on making your book completely separate from school, you will need to create what we would can an unaffiliated yearbook. Click here for more info about this process

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Free Download: 2016 Wall Calendar


Hi everyone, loving the latest blog posts? We spend a lot of time preparing resources for editing teams to help your projects run smoothly. We know there is a lot of stuff going on in the final year at school or uni so hopefully our downloadable resources are proving helpful! For those of you who haven’t check them out yet just hit the resources button which you’ll find when you click support in the bottom right corner of your yearbook screen. Our 2016 wall calendar is particularly great for scribbling key dates on and marking school holidays etc in your yearbook meetings 🙂


If you’re ready to launch your project, or just want to refresh everyone’s mind, you’ll also find a helpful assembly presentation template here too alongside promotional posters and more! Check it out at

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Paying for your yearbooks


So to continue on from yesterdays fundraising post,  today I’m talking invoicing and money matters. For many editors, this is the first BIG project you’ve tackled outside of school and organising a yearbook project involves collecting payments from people, processing them and paying for your yearbook company.

Paying for your project is a vital part of the process and can result in delays if invoices are not passed along to whoever is paying the bill. If that’s school, be sure to take the invoice to your finance team and they will organise from there. You won’t need to confirm your exact order details before you can generate the proforma invoice and you’ll still be able to make adjustments to the number of copies and pages you need after you’ve paid your deposit for example.  The proforma invoice you generate from your invoices and payments area will look like this one:

allyearbooks_allyearbooks_1st (1)-page-001

To keep you on track, our payment structure is outlined at the bottom of your invoice and will let your finance team know what is payable and when. Depending on how far along in your process you are, the amount now due box will flag what you need to pay at this stage. You’ll also see a log of any payments made to date and what will be left to pay following delivery.  Please note there is no VAT to add to your invoice as printed books are exempt 

If you are handling the finance side of your project as an individual, you will need to pay in full before we can make a start on the printing of your books. We know once you’ve left school, you just want to enjoy the summer so you don’t want us calling about outstanding payments and bothering you! In instances where you are handling the payments, you will need to add your own details to the billing address to ensure your invoices tally up with your plans.


Throughout your project, you can find the proforma invoice for your project and organise payments via the invoices and payments button in the set up menu. Once you’ve made a payment the proforma invoice will also have secondary pages to the download which are the receipts for the payments received so far 🙂

By far easiest and quickest way to send your payment is to pay by card via this area or at but you can also send a cheque or organise a bank transfer. Due to the sheer number of books we produce each year, we’re unable to process individual payments from members for their books so we’ll need your finance team to make a collective payment which covers everybody. If for any reason, your quantities change drastically and you find you’ve overpaid, we will of course refund the difference back to your team.

If you are paying by bank transfer or cheque, please ensure we can track this back to your school! You’d be amazed at how many people send money without letting us know which school/project it’s actually for! When you organise a bank transfer, just add your customer number (shown on the proforma) as your reference. If you’re sending a cheque, write your customer number on the reverse of the cheque and we can easily match it up with your account 🙂 Do note that these methods of payment can take about a week to reach us so please plan ahead accordingly to avoid delays

If you have any questions at all about the finance side of your project do get in touch with your yearbook coordinator and they’ll be more than happy to assist you 🙂 Similarly if your finance team have any questions, you can pass along our contact details and we’d love to chat with them!

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Fundraising ideas


Financing your project can take many forms and you can host all sorts of events in school to help fundraise for your yearbooks. The infamous school bake sale has to be one of the most common fundraising tools but you could also hold a sponsored silence or walk, dress up days (with school permission of course) or put on a talent show and charge admission fees. What ever you choose, make sure your event/activity is well publicised by putting up posters around school or in common rooms.

If you bake 50 cupcakes and sell them for £2.00 each you’ve covered your deposit already- it’s that simple! If you need further tips, have a look online for school fundraising ideas or have a go at one of these:

  1. Host a penny drive – collect unwanted small change in the common areas of your school and cafeteria to go towards the yearbook fund. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can raise this way over a few weeks!
  2. Go big or go home– with the permission of your school, turn your playground into one giant poster using coloured chalks. It can all be washed away easily so it’s best to plan this when you know there’s good weather coming!
  3. Create an ad– There are some rather epic and hilarious Youtube videos out there created by students looking to promote their yearbooks. With a little help from your teachers, you can easily create a brilliant advert for your project which can be played in assembly and set the tone for your book.
  4. Let people know they are in the book! It’s all well and good asking people for cash but they’ve not seen the finished product like you have and they want to feel confident that making the purchase is worth while. By letting people know they are in the book, and how many times, they’ll be more likely to buy!
  5. Add reminders… everywhere! Put up posters, add notes to tutor time registers, create door hangers and shout it from the rooftops (not literally of course!). You can also set up a facebook page to post reminders to and get people chatting generally. For more info on how to do this, have a read of this tutorial we made a little while ago 🙂

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Using your infobooks to plan your project


Hey everybody 🙂 I hope January hasn’t been too stressful for you what with mock exams going on! Today I wanted to briefly chat about making the most of your infobooks as you create your yearbooks as these little paperbacks are the hero of your sample pack! Containing info relating to budgeting, fundraising, photography and how to choose the perfect layouts etc, they should be your go-to-guide at the start of your yearbook meetings.

We want you to feel calm and in control throughout your yearbook project so do make use of the handy note sections in the guide to record important ideas, key dates and to-do plans. If you’re a super busy bunch, you might also like to download our free printable wall calendar from the resources area – scribble your print deadlines down and also make a note of school holidays and other commitments that might affect how much time you have to yearbook.

A crucial page for you pay attention to is the ‘Things we’ll need from you’ page on page 32. To help your project run smoothly, it’s important that we can contact you, your finance team and your staff proof-reader. We won’t harass you I promise but it’s important that we can let you know of potential print problems, chase outstanding invoices for you and follow up on that all important final sign off on the project.  If you fail to provide these details in advance of your print deadline, this could affect when you get your book to print and have a knock-on effect on your delivery date!

As you continue on with your project, you might find you have spare pages left over and this is where our hardback sample really steps back into the foreground. We’ve made loads of different page types for you this year so you can see what’s possible on our amazing online system. What’s more, I’ll be adding even more ideas to this blog and our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts throughout the year so do keep an eye out for bonus content!

If you ever have any questions regarding your project, or if you’d like to know how to make any of the pages shown in the sample book, just give us a shout. You can reach us by phone, email, instant chat and now via Whatsapp too 😀

Boarding House Books


Living with your classmates all the time might be a nightmare for some but there are lots of you out there who are school boarders. If you’re not making a yearbook for your full year group, you can always make a group book for your halls of residence or boarding house instead. In fact, as long as you’re ordering 20+ copies, you can make them for friendship groups if you like!

Once you’ve been room mates with someone for a long time, the transition from this can be really hard going. With a lovely leavers book though you can remember all the good times and keep in touch with old dorm buddies 😀 Visit for an instant quote today and be sure to request a free sample book and info pack whilst you’re online too!

Get the look: Social Savvy


It’s said that teenagers spend on average 31 hours a week online so it’ll come as no big surprise that so many yearbookers are trying to incorporate social media styling into their projects. Last year we saw hundreds of snapchat collages going into books and there was a great celebration of all things social (and a little bit silly) about year groups today 🙂 I expect we’ll be seeing even more snapchat photos in books again this year! 

The key to replicating your online profiles with your yearbook ones first comes down to colour choice. Picking the perfect palette is super important so to help you get started here are the ones you’ll need:


Twitter Palette


Snapchat Palette


Facebook Palette


Instagram Palette

When it comes to font choices, you’ll need to have a look at the fonts used on your social sites and find a close match. Look at the qualities of the fonts to do this- are they chunky or thin, curvy or more angular?

Constructing your page layout may take a little time to get just right and you might need to tweak your designs according to how much text you want to show, how many photos a person has and so on. To prove it’s really possible, here is a page I made earlier:


If you’ve got your heart set on a social media style layout for your yearbook, do give me a shout if you have any questions 🙂 This theme will test you in terms of shapes and layering but the final effect is pretty darn close right!