Using professional images in your yearbook

While you are creating your yearbook your coordinator may mention that it looks like you’ve used professional images within your book.


This is nothing to worry about!  For all Tempest customers – did you know we are actually partnered with Tempest Photography.  Which means, use of your Tempest photos free of charge, and no long copyright process.

Our process is simple to request your photos all you need to do is follow a link, complete the questions and once we receive your response we upload the photos directly to your yearbook for you to then organise with the correct student.


If you are using a different company to Tempest for your school photos, speak to a member of the AllYearbooks team and we can advise on what you will need to do to organise copyright for your photos.

Did you know that you can have free use of Tempest Photography images in your AllYearbooks projects? Simply go to to fill in the request form and then a member of staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Happy yearbook-ing!

Designing your own cover – what you need to know

We’ve got a lovely bunch of talented designers ready and waiting to create your yearbook cover for you, but our dream team are more than happy to take a backseat and let you design your own cover if you wish!

Designing your own cover is a great way to create a totally unique book that is special to your year group. Our designers can work with you throughout the process, either helping to tweak rough drafts, or to provide some helpful tips and hints.

Yately School Cover Mockup

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind while creating your design:

Size – Design your front and back covers to be a single sheet of B5 each. B5 is 17.5cm wide by 25cm high.

Image quality – Please ensure the photos you use are original images of good quality, and try to avoid downloading photos off social media.

School logo – If you are planning on using the school logo on your cover be sure to find a high quality image. We recommend speaking to your school’s graphics department to see if they have one available. Copying and pasting from the school’s website usually won’t be good enough for printing.

Design file DPI – Make sure your design document is created at 300dpi or higher.

Don’t delete the original file – When you save JPG versions of your cover, ALWAYS keep a version you can re-edit as it might need changing!

Your design can be designed in any program or hand-created on paper. If designing on a computer it’s best to save your design as a high quality JPG or PDF file to send to us, with any extra instructions needed. Scan paper designs at high resolution (300 dpi) and send it to us with any other requests.

Please leave the spine text blank, just let your coordinator/designer know what you would like the text to read as – we will then add this in for you.

Please click on image to enlarge


Take a look at some amazing covers our customers have designed in the past:

Brookland Junior SchoolGotheringtonKingston Park PrimaryLordship FarmMalbank 2019

Woodland Great Warley

To find out more about how our designers can help you create the perfect cover, head to

World Book Day 2017 ideas

With today being the 20th World Book Day, we’ve been thinking about plenty of ways to incorporate the world of books into your pages.

One idea we have come with up is to mix up your World Book Day photos with a personal book journal. This idea will be great in primary school yearbooks as it encourages students to keep a record of what they are reading. Just set out a few questions on the page and leave spaces so they can hand-write their answers when they get home.


If you’d rather focus on adding photos to your pages, a quote can make a wonderful centre piece for your collage. We’ve gone with a classic Dr Suess quote, but the possibilities are endless!


We love seeing all of your fancy dress photos, they get more and more inventive each year! Keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


Free printable photobooth props


Hey everyone, how are you getting on?! Many of you are starting to talk about yearbook photos at the moment so I wanted to deliver a special gift for you to enjoy. We’ve made a fun photobooth prop printable set for you to use as you wish. Whether you want to spice up your profiles, create a fun photobooth collage or let your teachers show their fun side, all you need to do is download and print the prop set onto some card and attach to some wooden skewers or straws.


Ready to get started?! Just click this link to start your free download 🙂

Have fun,

the AYB team

Proofing and print preparations!

Some of you editors may be nearing your print deadlines so I thought I’d send you a quick guide to proofing your final draft and what to expect when you’re ready to print 🙂 When you reach the stage where you think your book is ready to print, you’ll enter the final stage of production and it’s now a case of having a look over everything one more time.  We’ll also do the same from our side once you click the ‘request pre-print checks’ link at the top of your home screen.

So when it comes to proofing, there are a number of things you should be on the look out for. These are things such as image resolution warnings and text cut off warnings and more general things like legibility and header/footer text. To help you complete your proofing quickly and efficiently, we’ve put together this handy checklist of things to look out for.

Proofing Checklist

resourcesYou can find a copy of this checklist at any time by clicking the resources button which is found in the support box at the bottom of your yearbook screen.

So once you’ve requested your pre-print checks our team will then have one final look over your pages too. Another set of eyes over the project is never a bad thing and we can make you aware of any issues that may be problematic in print so you can adjust them. You’ll still be able to make changes to your book whilst this is being done so do make sure your queue yourself for pre-print checks in good time. We advise about 3 days before your print deadline so you have time to make adjustments if they are needed.

Once we have completed our checks, you’ll notice a new link at the top of the home area to review pre-print checks and send your book to print. As a reminder, your main editor AND your staff proof-reader will need to complete this process to ensure all parties agree the book is ready to print. This new link will take you to a new page on the system which allows you to review your final order details and submit for print 🙂

the AYB team

Making trip books for your school


If your school is going on an epic trip or sports tour, you may want to make a smaller book for your group. I’m always amazed at the destinations you guys travel to nowadays so it’s no surprise that the demand for travel books is rising! As our minimum order quantity is just 20 copies and our paperbacks cost just £9, these little budget books are a great way to capture your journals and photos. Over the few few years, we’ve had the pleasure of making a few wonderful books which were filled with the scanned journal entries of students and teachers who visited Africa on a school trip. Complete with doodles in margins and  daily diary entries, trip books are a great cost effective way of celebrating life-changing travels and group achievements 😀

DAO Tanzania Cover Draft

If you would like more information about making a trip book for your school, just drop us an email or speak to your yearbook coordinator!

the AYB team

Get the look: Potter Perfection

PotterThe Harry Potter books continue to inspire some great themed yearbooks full of magic and mischief this year and it’s a lot of fun to see how people have really introduced this theme with a lot of thought- a particular favourite of mine was the Chamber of Secrets Confessions page I saw in a book a few years ago now but editors are always coming up with fantastic new page creations!

So where to start? Well let’s look at your font selections first 🙂 There are some lovely magical and old looking font options that work so perfectly for this kind of theme. Fonts like Diplomata SC, Bigelow Rules, Jim Nightshade ….


When it comes to creating your page, our parchment background is the best choice for you! You can also find these awesome scroll banners to embellish your title pages and add another dimension to your design in the clipart selection available in all books.


When you’re choosing colour schemes, you’ll probably want some nice earthy colours for parchment looks. Remember you also have black and white in addition to your palette choices 🙂


When it comes to cover designs, the Marauder’s Map has been a strong influence this last year. You can get the look using parchment style background, fonts mentioned above and a little creative drawing to map out your school grounds.  Alternatively you can make a nice Hogwarts style crest using your school’s house colours and images which looks fab too!

DSCF3966_FotorBanchory Cover Draft

the AYB team

Photo Filters- Friend or Foe?


Thanks to Instagram, we’ve all got lots of photos that have had filters applied to them and whilst they look great on screen, the printed results can look a little less pleasing! Just looking at the image above shows how different these images can look and the variation between the original image in the centre and those with Lomo or other effects applied.

When choosing images for your yearbook, clarity is key. If the photo looks dark or has a darker filter applied, your print will be dark too and you may not be as visible as you thought. For best results, get great profile snaps in daylight or in a well-lit area to start with- that’ll give you a nice bright base to apply your fave insta-style effects on to. If you are unsure about how well your image will come out, it’s probably an indication that it’s a little too dark but do try printing them at home to see how clear they appear. Alternatively you can always get in touch with your yearbook editors/coordinators for advice 🙂

P.S. Lots of you are also submitting Snapchat screenshots for your profiles which is absolutely fine but be aware that the witty message explaining your image might be too small to read when printed (depending on the size of your profile photo of course). You’ll find the dimensions for your designated photo spaces next to each frame when you select your profile. These are guide to show how big your image will be so will help you work out which of your snaps to use!

the AYB team

Daring Dividers

Welcome back everybody! It’s the final term of the school year so let’s get yearbooking and make it awesome 🙂 Structuring your yearbook content can be tricky at times which is why I’ve been making some example divider pages for you to look at today. They very clearly introduce the new section whether that’s for larger groupings, such as profiles, awards etc, or marking the start of a new house or form group. Divider designs can be fairly simple to create (you just need a word or two on a page right?!) but for those of you looking to be a little more adventurous, here are some design ideas to whet your appetite…


Creating negative spaces and cut outs is a really simple thing to do and looks super slick. To create a page like this, add a large rectangular photo frame to the outer edge of the page. Now set you background to a flat colour (black or white will work best if you’re planning to use busy imagery with lots of colours down the side). Now add a text box and rotate this so it sits along the edge of your image frame. Adjust the font colour to match your background and voila, you have a divider page.


I’m so in love with this background, so happy we have it for this year as I just know it’s going to be super popular! To make this delightful looking page, you’ll want to start by adding the confetti background which you’ll find in the theme area. For this design to really work, you’ll need a high resolution copy of your school logo saved as a png image with transparent background. Add your logo and then add a fill shape in the same colour as your logo.  If you can find other versions of your logo like the sketchy one in the top corner, add these on too to create a little more texture in your design 😀

For something a little different, try adding quotes or interesting section titles rather than single word intros. Shorter text is best for impact so things like ‘reach for the stars’, ‘saved by the bell’ and so on will look fab here!

Can’t wait to see your designs!

the AYB team

Making Primary yearbooks :)

openBookgPrimary yearbooks are becoming more and more popular each year and we love helping parents make beautiful books to celebrate their childrens first few years at school! Not only do we offer competitive pricing and speedy delivery but we also provide full support throughout the project. We don’t lead you into the wilderness and let you fend for yourself; on starting your book you’ll be appointed a dedicated yearbook coordinator and the assistance of our fabulous design team.

This year we’ve made a few different options available to parents looking to make a yearbook including our offline USB option for the complete technophobes out there! With AllYearbooks on hand to help, we can take your ideas to reality in the most pain-free, schedule pleasing way!


For those of you with concerns over security and safety of information, please rest assured we take this matter very seriously. All users need a password to access their book and we actively monitor for hackers. We back up data to our offices daily and encrypt off-site backups. We’re also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.


If you’ve not already had one, why not request a copy of our primary info book to help you get started. It’s packed with helpful info about our yearbook options, pricing, and planning tools to keep you on track 🙂 You’ll also receive a copy of our awesome hardcopy sample yearbook to give you loads of ideas about what to include and how to present your favourite photos and memories. Request your copy here!

the AYB team