Exclusive discounts available for Year 13 projects!

March Madness Discounts! (1)

Great news for Year 13 groups! We’ve got 100 special 10% discount codes to giveaway to year 13 groups at the moment so be sure to send in your deposits quickly to bag one for your year! There are a limited number of these deals available so they will be rewarded to teams on a first-come, first-served basis. Payments must be received before Easter (24/03/16) so pass your proforma invoices to your finance team as quickly as possible to be in with a chance to win!!

If you have any questions, or need a copy of your invoice sent over, do get in touch with your yearbook coordinator and they’ll be happy to help 🙂

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Paying for your yearbooks


So to continue on from yesterdays fundraising post,  today I’m talking invoicing and money matters. For many editors, this is the first BIG project you’ve tackled outside of school and organising a yearbook project involves collecting payments from people, processing them and paying for your yearbook company.

Paying for your project is a vital part of the process and can result in delays if invoices are not passed along to whoever is paying the bill. If that’s school, be sure to take the invoice to your finance team and they will organise from there. You won’t need to confirm your exact order details before you can generate the proforma invoice and you’ll still be able to make adjustments to the number of copies and pages you need after you’ve paid your deposit for example.  The proforma invoice you generate from your invoices and payments area will look like this one:

allyearbooks_allyearbooks_1st (1)-page-001

To keep you on track, our payment structure is outlined at the bottom of your invoice and will let your finance team know what is payable and when. Depending on how far along in your process you are, the amount now due box will flag what you need to pay at this stage. You’ll also see a log of any payments made to date and what will be left to pay following delivery.  Please note there is no VAT to add to your invoice as printed books are exempt 

If you are handling the finance side of your project as an individual, you will need to pay in full before we can make a start on the printing of your books. We know once you’ve left school, you just want to enjoy the summer so you don’t want us calling about outstanding payments and bothering you! In instances where you are handling the payments, you will need to add your own details to the billing address to ensure your invoices tally up with your plans.


Throughout your project, you can find the proforma invoice for your project and organise payments via the invoices and payments button in the set up menu. Once you’ve made a payment the proforma invoice will also have secondary pages to the download which are the receipts for the payments received so far 🙂

By far easiest and quickest way to send your payment is to pay by card via this area or at allyearbooks.co.uk/pay but you can also send a cheque or organise a bank transfer. Due to the sheer number of books we produce each year, we’re unable to process individual payments from members for their books so we’ll need your finance team to make a collective payment which covers everybody. If for any reason, your quantities change drastically and you find you’ve overpaid, we will of course refund the difference back to your team.

If you are paying by bank transfer or cheque, please ensure we can track this back to your school! You’d be amazed at how many people send money without letting us know which school/project it’s actually for! When you organise a bank transfer, just add your customer number (shown on the proforma) as your reference. If you’re sending a cheque, write your customer number on the reverse of the cheque and we can easily match it up with your account 🙂 Do note that these methods of payment can take about a week to reach us so please plan ahead accordingly to avoid delays

If you have any questions at all about the finance side of your project do get in touch with your yearbook coordinator and they’ll be more than happy to assist you 🙂 Similarly if your finance team have any questions, you can pass along our contact details and we’d love to chat with them!

the AYB team

Fundraising ideas


Financing your project can take many forms and you can host all sorts of events in school to help fundraise for your yearbooks. The infamous school bake sale has to be one of the most common fundraising tools but you could also hold a sponsored silence or walk, dress up days (with school permission of course) or put on a talent show and charge admission fees. What ever you choose, make sure your event/activity is well publicised by putting up posters around school or in common rooms.

If you bake 50 cupcakes and sell them for £2.00 each you’ve covered your deposit already- it’s that simple! If you need further tips, have a look online for school fundraising ideas or have a go at one of these:

  1. Host a penny drive – collect unwanted small change in the common areas of your school and cafeteria to go towards the yearbook fund. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can raise this way over a few weeks!
  2. Go big or go home– with the permission of your school, turn your playground into one giant poster using coloured chalks. It can all be washed away easily so it’s best to plan this when you know there’s good weather coming!
  3. Create an ad– There are some rather epic and hilarious Youtube videos out there created by students looking to promote their yearbooks. With a little help from your teachers, you can easily create a brilliant advert for your project which can be played in assembly and set the tone for your book.
  4. Let people know they are in the book! It’s all well and good asking people for cash but they’ve not seen the finished product like you have and they want to feel confident that making the purchase is worth while. By letting people know they are in the book, and how many times, they’ll be more likely to buy!
  5. Add reminders… everywhere! Put up posters, add notes to tutor time registers, create door hangers and shout it from the rooftops (not literally of course!). You can also set up a facebook page to post reminders to and get people chatting generally. For more info on how to do this, have a read of this tutorial we made a little while ago 🙂

the AYB team

Using your infobooks to plan your project


Hey everybody 🙂 I hope January hasn’t been too stressful for you what with mock exams going on! Today I wanted to briefly chat about making the most of your infobooks as you create your yearbooks as these little paperbacks are the hero of your sample pack! Containing info relating to budgeting, fundraising, photography and how to choose the perfect layouts etc, they should be your go-to-guide at the start of your yearbook meetings.

We want you to feel calm and in control throughout your yearbook project so do make use of the handy note sections in the guide to record important ideas, key dates and to-do plans. If you’re a super busy bunch, you might also like to download our free printable wall calendar from the resources area – scribble your print deadlines down and also make a note of school holidays and other commitments that might affect how much time you have to yearbook.

A crucial page for you pay attention to is the ‘Things we’ll need from you’ page on page 32. To help your project run smoothly, it’s important that we can contact you, your finance team and your staff proof-reader. We won’t harass you I promise but it’s important that we can let you know of potential print problems, chase outstanding invoices for you and follow up on that all important final sign off on the project.  If you fail to provide these details in advance of your print deadline, this could affect when you get your book to print and have a knock-on effect on your delivery date!

As you continue on with your project, you might find you have spare pages left over and this is where our hardback sample really steps back into the foreground. We’ve made loads of different page types for you this year so you can see what’s possible on our amazing online system. What’s more, I’ll be adding even more ideas to this blog and our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts throughout the year so do keep an eye out for bonus content!

If you ever have any questions regarding your project, or if you’d like to know how to make any of the pages shown in the sample book, just give us a shout. You can reach us by phone, email, instant chat and now via Whatsapp too 😀

Yearbooks in Educational Programs

educationOver the past few years, we’ve worked with students and staff members to make yearbooks as part of projects or coursework. From Media students to careers departments, more and more educational projects have been coming through which is a delight for us yearbook advisors really. As we work with students day in, day out, we understand the various key skills that come out of a project such as this including planning, researching, team work, time management, finances and design skills. Last year I wrote an article about CV skills you can take away from your projects and how you can build the skills you’ve learnt into UCAS applications and I hope you all found it useful 🙂

If you’re a member of staff and would like to know more about incorporating yearbooks into IB courses for example, please do drop us a line on 01223 503259 or email hi@allyearbooks.co.uk We’re always more than happy to chat to teachers about the educational benefits of yearbooking and help out where possible!

Hello 2016


Happy new year everybody! Can you believe it’s 2016… where does the time go hey?! For those of you just getting started on your projects, hello and welcome!

2016 is set to be an awesome year, the best yet in fact, to be making a yearbook. We’ve got great new features and a lovely new team member who’ll be on hand to help you on your yearbook journey. Our early deposit discount has also been extended a little to help even more of you get great prices for 2016- you can save an extra 5% off our list prices if you send in your deposit before the end of January!

We’re not going to bombard you with info right now (it’s still the holidays after all) but we’ll be back with more page tutorials and recaps from 2015 that you might find handy! To keep up with all the latest yearbook gossip, be sure to follow us on all of your fave social media channels and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Here’s to a wonderful year of yearbooking 🙂

From Jake, Becky, Chris and Rakesh

Final call for our early deposit discount!


We’re so very close to the end of term now but I wanted to do one last reminder for our early deposit discount that’s available until the end of the year! Loads of you have already returned your deposits to get this the additional 10% discount and if you haven’t done it yet, you better hurry! Don’t worry if you’ve not got exact numbers quite yet though, the deposit is the same regardless of how many copies you order so you’ll have bags of time in the new year to update estimates before printing starts.

If you’re ready to get started with your project, just click the ‘Get started’ button below. Setup literally only takes 2 minutes and our friendly support team will be on hand to assist you in getting everything prepared for launch in the new year 🙂 Our yearbook team will be on hand to assist over the holidays so do get in touch if you’d like a sample pack or quotes for your 2016 projects!!


Budgeting for your projects

Hey everyone, how are we all feeling this week? I wanted to chat to you some more about budgeting for your projects and how to work out your estimates and get a quote this afternoon.  Getting started with your plans early on will give you less to worry about later in the year and you don’t want to miss out on our early deposit discount do you?!  Getting people engaged with your yearbook project is important for everyone involved and how you budget and present your yearbook to your year group will play a key role in the success of your project. Nowadays, leaving school can be quite pricey what with prom, yearbooks, hoodies and DVDs etc to factor in. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible for you so you can rest assured your books are friendly on your wallet!!

Year group - 56

  • Setting a budget for your book is a good starting point in your initial yearbook meetings so first jot down how many copies you think you’ll need. If you’re unsure, start with the number of people in the yeargroup as a rough idea.
  • Now you’ll want to decide on the book style you want to go for. Budget paperbacks are great for smaller groups and keeping the costs down but do have a capped page limit of 40 pages. If your yeargroup has 300 students in it, this would certainly be a tight squeeze so may not be suitable! Standard hardbacks are the most popular book style we offer and are great for mid range budgets. You can go right up to 300 pages in these books so they are perfect for larger groups looking for a relatively beefy book! If you’re opting for a premium book style, do remember these have a minimum page requirement of 50 pages and minimum order quantity of 50 copies.
  • So now you’ve set your book style, think about how much space you want to allow for profiles.Do you want each student to have a full page in the book or half a page? Or perhaps you just want to show the names and a photo of each student in the class and go for loads of photo pages? Either way this will help you to determine how many pages you are likely to need. As a general rule, I would say what ever your profile page allowance, add 20 pages for other content to get your final number. You’ll be amazed at the amount of photos that can come out of the woodwork and you’ll probably have bags of ideas and events you want to feature.


Now you should know roughly your book size, how many copies you’ll need and book style so you can refer back to the pricing grid to get your price. There’s no VAT to add as printed books are exempt and delivery is free for UK mainland customers 🙂 Once you have a quote it’s time to let everybody know! Sending out a deposit request letter will help spread the word and when people return a small deposit, say £5 each for now, this will give you a great indication of how many people are seriously interested in buying a book. You’ll also raise your £100 deposit in no time and if you send in your deposit before the end of the year, you secure those all important savings!!!

Collaborative working


Working together on a creative project should be a good laugh so today we’re talking collaborative working and getting the most out of your team meetings. When it comes to working as a team, you may find you have loads of ideas that don’t necessarily all work well together but always jot down your page ideas so you can refer to them later. You’ll notice there is space for notes and ideas in your info books so be sure to take this along to your meetings so you have everything together!

Sometimes an idea on paper isn’t quite the same, so don’t discount any ideas before exploring the online system to see how you can translate your theme into a workable set of templates and designs 🙂 Some ideas may call for fiddly details so think about the time you have set aside for your project and how this fits in around your school work and other commitments 😀 Also make a note of school holidays and exam periods etc that will affect the time you have to work on the book so you can plan your workload in advance.

When you first start your book online, the first person to create the book itself will be listed as our main chief editor. We strongly advise you add other editors to your project with separate accounts so you can see who’s doing what. It also makes it easier for us to know who we’re chatting to and stops that baffled expression we get when we explain something for the 3rd time, not realising we’re talking to different people!  So getting back to your group, it’s best to assign roles to each team member so you know everything is covered. If you’ve got someone who’s super creative, why not set them the task of designing your cover. Another team member can track the profiles and make chase anybody who’s not logged in and another could oversee payments etc. Splitting the workload will help you progress your project with confidence and make the process super enjoyable for all.


When it comes to launching your project to the year, you’ll have a few options available to you:


Option 1: Cool, Calm and Collaborative

If you want to go for a full collaborative experience, choose to invite your year group online so they can be completing their own profiles, voting in awards and uploading photos to the book. This will make your life easier as an editing team as people are all doing their own bit and filling up the majority of the book with profiles 🙂

Option 2: The DIY or ‘design it yourself’ option

Your second option is to add members manually to your book and having your editors complete these on behalf of the student group. Perhaps you found it easier to collect your data offline? This would be the option for you as you can easily fill up those profiles and drop photos into place without getting everybody active online.

If you are of the superhero variety, you may want to take on the whole project on your own which is also fine. You’d do this in the same DIY way! What’s more, our support and design team can assist you regardless of which option you choose and are available by phone, email and instant chat too!! If you’ve not started your book online quite yet, click the button below to explore our wonderful system 😀


Pre-order your 2016 sample yearbook today!

Exciting news everybody, our 2016 sample books will be ready in just a weeks time so don’t forget to pre-order yours now to ensure you’re the first to get your hands on a copy! This year we’ve kicked things up a gear and you’ll be receiving an epic hardback sample yearbook complete with profiles, awards page designs, confessions, quotes, timelines…. well you get the gist! Basically it’s a full mock up of the kind of yearbooks we pride ourselves on making 😀  What’s more, the entire pack has been lovingly designed using ONLY our online system to show you just how much is possible!


What else is new I hear you ask?! Well you’ll also receive a paperback infopack that is filled with tips on how to organise, fundraise, photograph and schedule a yearbook project. Other companies may want to tell you that online systems are too much hassle but I say bah to all those naysayers! You don’t need to pay a designer to create a beautiful book when you can build it yourself with our fantastically flexible page designer.


Depending on whether you’re a primary group or secondary, sixth form or corporate group, you’ll receive tailored information to suit your project- no unnecessary fluff that doesn’t apply, just straightforward tips and tricks from our experienced team. So now I’ve convinced you all to grab a copy, head to allyearbooks.co.uk/infopack to pre-order yours now. Books will be arriving in school next week but do message us if you have any questions at all in the meantime!

Bring it on Class of 2016, we’re ready for you 😛