Preparing for Christmas Jumper Day!


It’s Christmas Jumper Day this Friday which means many of you have been wearing your festive knitwear to school this week 🙂 If your school has hosted a great fundraising event, be sure to include lots of snaps for your yearbook and use our epic festive background pack to theme your pages! We’ve even got a Christmas jumper background for you- how’s that for forward planning?!

Marvellous Movember


November is a time for moustache madness thanks to Movember fundraising and many of your teachers will be trying their upmost to prove their manliness with epic facial hair. I wanted to share with you this rather hilarious collage quiz that Dulwich Preparatory School made in their yearbook a year or two ago in homage of this great charity fundraising project  😀 we hope to hear and see many more stories of your school Movember efforts over the coming month!

Pinterest for all!


Like a lot of people out there, I enjoy Pinterest! It’s a fab site that allows you to save info and images to boards for reference later. If you’re in the process of deciding on a theme for example, head over and pop a few ideas in a search- you might decide that idea doesn’t work or you might find loads of cool examples to get your creative brain ticking 🙂 Either way, have fun and explore it I’d say. And if you’re interested, pop to our collection of yearbook quotes, typography and design ideas boards for more yearbook chat and tips! We’ll be adding to these throughout the year so do follow any boards that you’re interested in so you get updates on our latest pins.

Working those PNGs

Using Pngs

I know I’ve said it before but I’m so excited to see this new feature in action. New for 2016 is our great selection of stock PNG images which come pre-loaded into all books 🙂 This means perfect page embellishments are now readily available for everybody. Whether you want to add push pins to that message page, photo frames to your profiles or sellotape to those collage photos, you can really go to town with great high quality PNG images. Each PNG sports a transparent background for a seamless design finish so you don’t get those unsightly white boxes around your images- hooray 😀


So how does it work? Well,  click onto Add pics in the Pics menu and you’ll find a selection of PNG and clipart elements that you can add to your pages. If you want to add ink splodges to your journal themed pages you can simply click the category here and it will show you all the options available to you. You can use these elements as many times as you need throughout your books and it really opens up the possibilities for even more page types. If you’d like to make an awesome infographic for example, just click onto the awards and infographics category for a host of great arrows, banners, icons and more 🙂


The fun doesn’t stop there though, you can even incorporate the PNGs into your profile templates for some delightfully different designs! Take this profile layout for example – it uses some lovely watercolour paint effects to underline and highlight each students name and we’ve also got a great use of PNG imagery for the divider between the profiles. Everything about this design is just super girly and I love it 🙂

If you’re after more page ideas, do check out our gallery on our Facebook page for a whole host of beautiful designs that you can replicate in your books!

All new backgrounds!


To help you keep your books fresh and interesting year after year, we’ve updated our selection of page backgrounds and we’re very excited to see them live in the system! Never fear, we’ve still got our old favourites but now you’ll have more choice than ever when it comes to designing the perfect yearbook pages. Perhaps you had a great Egyptian Day collage in mind, we’ve got a background for that. What about world book day- we’ve got a beautiful new Alice in Wonderland inspired design for that too! Whatever kind of page you’re making, you’ll be sure to find a whole host of design possibilities with us 🙂

Not started a yearbook yet? Come and have a look around! It’s completely free to set up a book online and explore so do come and say hello! Click the button below to get started:


#Makeitmonday: Playlist


Music has a great way of bringing back memories and putting together a playlist of songs from your school days will help you relive those magical moments in years to come. If you’ve had the same playlist on repeat in your common room for 2 years then you’ll probably have some tunes in mind but if not, think back to those awkward high school discos and your talent shows for ideas. To make your playlist, set up a page in the book and use the add title text button to add each song title and artist name.  I’ve used the Mixing desk background that you can find using the background selector on the theme menu. If you want to, you could also add frames for pictures on this page too 🙂

Beautiful Backgrounds!

The busy season is in full swing now and thanks to your awesome organising skills and our new system, many of you are finding yourselves ready to print well ahead of schedule- Hooray! For those of you nearing the end of your project, you’ll be looking in more detail at your pages and making final decisions about designs and theming. Following high demand for the ability to have different backgrounds on each side of a spread, we’ve launched a nifty little tool that enables you to pick different backgrounds for left and right pages 😀

Here’s where to find it…


First click onto the spread you’ve created, here you’ll see I’ve got an intro page alongside a collage and I’d love the collage to have a different background to create a little contrast and make the photos really pop! With the theme menu open, you’ll see ‘Use a different background for each side?’ under the background heading- if you click this you’ll see your background settings will look a little different….


You’ll notice there are now options for the left and right pages and you can click onto the background icon to change it for the relevent side. What’s more, you can also change the opacity settings for each side too 😀

A quick guide to font selections

Lots of you have been asking for a quick, visual representation of the fonts we have available so you can quickly put together a font palette to work into your yearbook themes. Here’s a guide to the font styles available and where you’ll find them on the font selector 😀

Fonts 1

Fonts 2

Fonts 3

Fonts 4

Fonts 5

Fonts 6

If you have any questions about the fonts available through our online system, do speak to your yearbook coordinator 🙂

#Makeitmonday: Articles

By the time you get to the top year group, you’ve probably been on lots of amazing school trips, won competitions and held more than a few events! Besides adding collages, you can document these moments by making beautifully designed article pages to tell your stories and relive those memories 😀 This week #Makeitmonday is all about Articles and how to create interesting and stylised pages!


Sometimes there will be a trip so momentous that you need a lot of text to really sum up what you experienced and learnt on your travels. This design is very straight forward but a clever use of titles really brings the page to life!


To create a page like this, first decide on the background colour for your page. You’ll need to apply a flat colour for this one to work so go for a suitable colour that reflects your trip. For an African safari, choose a khaki colour or for a ski trip choose a frosty blue or white, you get the idea! Now add a text box to the page by clicking add text box then add your first photo frame. You’ll need to play around with the sizing of your photos to ensure they’re equally spaced and most importantly, all of your title letters fit! When you’re happy, duplicate the frame accordingly and drop your photos into place. Add each letter of your title by clicking the add title button and drag this over each of your photo frames. This example uses font VAST in 66pt 🙂


I really love the presentation of this page. It takes a very text heavy page and fragments it into little bitesize pieces which are much easier to read 🙂 This is a perfect design for those of you going down the Gatsby route so lets have a look at how it was made…memories

Usually the page title is a small detail but this is really the focal point of the page here with this vertical alignment. To get started with this design, use the add title feature and boost your font size right up! Rotate your title text so it runs vertically on the page and repeat as needs be for each part of the title. Now you want to add a text box under each word of your title to create this columned effect.  Select the Noir background by clicking on the theme icon on the toolbar of your page designer and then onto backgrounds. You’ll find this option (and many other backgrounds) here which you can apply to your pages 😀


I know it’s tempting to throw lots of content on a page and try and squeeze in every photo of your yeargroup ever but on occasions, less is definitely more. This article has been put together very simply and has a real magazine feel to it thanks to the simple monchrome palette used. article1

The design of this page will take you literally 30 seconds to put together.I’ve selected two of the standard font options Alex Brush and Cinzel to create the title and split the body of the article into columns by clicking onto your text box, and adjusting the columns setting in the options box for a more of an editorial look.

Page types and how to make them!


Wondering how to make your yearbook a little more interesting? If you’re ready to get stuck in, why not browse some example pages to see how you can use the page designer to create beautiful and stylish designs. From simple tips to meticulous arrangements, our Page types Pinterest board is brimming with ideas and know-how. Want to reproduce any of these ideas in your book but unsure where to get started? Every Monday we’ll be delving into different page types and we’ll show you how to make them with easy step-by-step tutorials and demos 🙂

If you have an idea in mind and want to get started straight away, email me ( to chat about your plans and how to incorporate these elements into your 2015 yearbook 🙂 Similarly if you’ve made a great looking page and want to share it with others, let me know! Your designs could inspire other yearbook editors and we’ll be tweeting the best using #makeitmonday

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