What are pre-print checks?

So you’ve nearly finished editing your book and your deadline is approaching – great! But before we can let you click that ‘submit’ button there are a series of checks your book will need to go through at the AllYearbooks office.

As you come to the final stages of creating your book, your yearbook coordinator may remind you to submit for these checks as soon as possible (at least three working days before your deadline). But why? And what exactly are pre-print checks?!

Check out our pre-print and final confirmation FAQs below:


What is a pre-print check?
A member of our team will look through your book page-by-page for any potential printing problems. We recommend getting this done a few days before your deadline so that you have time to make any possible changes we suggest.

How long do these checks take?
We will try and check your book soon after you request these checks, but we always recommend you leave enough time for us to check through. The time of the actual checks can also vary due to the content and size of your yearbook. Your yearbook coordinator will always be happy to update you on our progress – just ask !


Does the book have to be completely finished before pre-print checks?
We’re often asked if the editors can still make changes while these checks are ongoing and the answer is yes, of course! All we ask is that the bulk of content has been added before these are requested.

What kind of things are you looking for?
We are looking for any potential printing problems – this can range from low quality pictures, overlapping text boxes, text and background colours, to font types. For example, if you have a bright yellow text against a white background, we might suggest for you to darken this colour to make it easier to read when printed.

Are you proofreading our content too?
No – we are just looking at things from a printing perspective. Checking for typos and duplicated images is still a responsibility for the editors and staff proofreader. AllYearbooks cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions made by editors and other contributors.


What do we do now?
Once AYB has been through your book you will receive an email telling the chief editor and staff proofreader to log into the book and click on a yellow bar at the top of the book’s homepage.

From here you will be able to view the checks, and when you are happy with everything you can click confirm and we will send your book to the printers!

Any questions you have about the pre-print checks process please just ask us! We are here to help and to make sure you have the best yearbook!

Get the look: Potter Perfection

PotterThe Harry Potter books continue to inspire some great themed yearbooks full of magic and mischief this year and it’s a lot of fun to see how people have really introduced this theme with a lot of thought- a particular favourite of mine was the Chamber of Secrets Confessions page I saw in a book a few years ago now but editors are always coming up with fantastic new page creations!

So where to start? Well let’s look at your font selections first 🙂 There are some lovely magical and old looking font options that work so perfectly for this kind of theme. Fonts like Diplomata SC, Bigelow Rules, Jim Nightshade ….


When it comes to creating your page, our parchment background is the best choice for you! You can also find these awesome scroll banners to embellish your title pages and add another dimension to your design in the clipart selection available in all books.


When you’re choosing colour schemes, you’ll probably want some nice earthy colours for parchment looks. Remember you also have black and white in addition to your palette choices 🙂


When it comes to cover designs, the Marauder’s Map has been a strong influence this last year. You can get the look using parchment style background, fonts mentioned above and a little creative drawing to map out your school grounds.  Alternatively you can make a nice Hogwarts style crest using your school’s house colours and images which looks fab too!

DSCF3966_FotorBanchory Cover Draft

the AYB team

Creative contents pages

Every book starts with a single right hand page and this is a great space for things like editors notes, messages from the headteacher or something more structural like a contents page. Contents pages can be a little dull so I’ve been looking at ways to liven them up using some fab design tools and techniques!


This contents page has a real vintage feel to it thanks to the handwritten style font and the filter on this photo. If you’ve only got one photo to go a page, fragmenting your image can be a really effective way of filling the page fully and giving your layout a more professional finish. Once you’ve created your photo frame, be sure to use the duplicate feature to copy the sizing exactly 🙂 This can be done by clicking onto the shape and then pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard!


If you want to incorporate a little more colour, why not opt for a subtle watercolour background. Watercolour effects are huuuge at the moment so jump on board with this latest trend and set the tone for your following pages. Don’t forget, you don’t need to include every page number on your contents pages- a general idea of where the sections start is usually enough for reader to jump to the right area of the book 🙂


If you’re completely stuck for ideas, have a look at things you like to read and how they handle their own contents pages. You might find a magazine-like layout works wonders with the rest of your yearbook theming and they look super polished too!

For more page ideas, connect with our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages today or chat to your coordinator using the instant chat tool in your yearbook. We’re always happy to help and will be on hand to support you throughout your yearbook journey so do stay in touch 🙂

the AYB team

Get the look: Comic book cool!


Marvel has taken over our screens in recent years and superheros are awesome again. Comic book style has become more and more popular over the last fear years so we’re bringing you a little theme guide of exactly that 🙂 Let’s look at the colour palette of the comic book style in a little more detail first- the palette is bright but the black and white nature of the drawings take priority and give it that bold graphic quality. Key colours such as red, yellow and blue feature heavily whilst black and white add emphasis and depth so a palette like this one is a great starting point:


Texture and depth are also used to create contrast. Take the infamous pow and crash signs of retro comics for example. Adding layers of these bold colours and teaming flat colours and dotty backgrounds is an easy way to replicate the look of traditional style comics.


You’ll notice a whole host of bright and exciting page backgrounds in the theme area which can be used for comic book page designs, like these for example:


When it comes to fonts, you’ll want a mix of bold, chunky options for page titles and smaller typefaces for main profile and body text. A palette like this one is a great starting point:


For those of you feeling adventurous, why not have a go at making your own comic strip 🙂 You could host a competition to collect the funniest stories and drawings and put them together for a unique and legendary page idea!comic

Moving on to your cover design, you might like to go for something bold and vibrant or keep it simple with a monochromatic base like this design from Blairgowrie High School. The superman style crest gives it an instantly recognisable superhero style whilst adding a big splash of colour 🙂


the AYB team

How to make a photo scavenger hunt page :)

Whilst everyone says ‘ come back and see us’, going back to your old high school isn’t really the done thing. I left school 16 years ago and to this day, I’ve not been back. To help you remember all of those fun and quirky things you loved and hated about your school, why not host a photo scavenger hunt for leavers! They’re super fun and everyone gets a camera full of happy snaps to remember the school by too 🙂


To make a scavenger hunt page for your yearbook, you’ll need to first put on your thinking caps and write a list of things to include. Things like your locker, school hall, the music room where you learnt to play a xylophone (is there anyone out there really playing these!?), the quad area and so on, will remind you of great memories with friends in years to come!


Now to design the page…

For this design, I’ve used these bold and beautiful banners and some simple text boxes – that’s it! You’re only making a list after all so there’s nothing too technical to worry about 😀

the AYB team

All new DofE backgrounds!


The D of E programme in school is super awesome and I kick myself a little when I think back to my 15 year old ‘it seems like a lot of hassle’ attitude. Every year more and more people are embracing the opportunity to get out of the classroom and do something different. We see it all as yearbook advisors; the shiny new camping kit, the bleak rainy photos and the person who didn’t quite make it to the other side of that giant muddy puddle….

duke of edinburgh backgrounds

Commemorating these valiant hiking fails makes for yearbook gold so we’ve designed these exclusive D of E backgrounds to add to your pages. Who doesn’t love a good freebie right?! Get them now in the background selector!BG1



BG2We’ve made these using a nice plain white background so you can easily apply coloured filters over them 🙂 Just adjust the opacity settings in the in the background area of your theme to create results like the one shown above!

the AYB team

Get the look: Movie Glamour theme


Who watched the BAFTA’s at the weekend? Feeling inspired by Hollywood’s hottest? Why not recall all the famous faces of your school days and do it with style with a movie glamour theme 🙂

So when you think of the movies, you think of red carpets, lush velvet curtains and golden highlights right? Naturally you’ll want to build these colours into your palette so something like this is a great starting point:


When it comes to fonts,  there are some great theatrical choices that look awesome in this kind of theme. Limelight has been one of our trusty favourites for years now but be sure to create a nice mix of bold title fonts and stylised body text options too. Poiret One is a great choice for example 🙂


If you’re keen to develop your movie theme further, we’ve got a range of backgrounds that will look fab for your profiles, awards, collages and so on. Take this Oscars theme for example- it works perfectly as a background for your profiles as the colouring is light enough to support lots of text. We’ve also added this movie strip frame to a series of profile photos too 😀


Now obviously awards are a big thing in the movie industry and if you’re keen to follow suit, mix things up with some PNG frames and plaques. You’ll find these light box frames in the graphics and clipart draw and you can layer text and photos over them for some great results!

movie awards-page-001

Alternatively why not choose a specific movie or genre that inspires you and use this as a base for your design. I love this great Gatsby inspired book as it incorporated wonderful Art Deco graphics and styling. We’ve also seen Star Wars themed yearbooks and Mean Girls inspired books so there’s no limit to what is possible!


If you’re yearbooking this half -term, rest assured we’re still on hand to assist despite the holidays! If you have any questions about your chosen yearbook themes or your project in general, just get in touch by phone, email , instant chat or whatsapp 🙂

the AYB team

Making bucket list pages…


You may have spotted this page in your sample book 😀 I’m really excited about bucket list pages as this is a new page type that I’ve not seen in any yearbooks to date- I’m hoping a few of you like this idea enough to start making this a thing 😛

Having goals and ambitions is something that’s really important and no doubt when you leave school or university, you’ll be wanting to explore the world and experience life. Making a fun checklist of awesome goals can’t really be a bad thing and you could fit this into any leftover spaces in your book with ease!

To create a page like this, just use the add title text and add text options in the page designer 😀 It’s that simple!

the AYB team

How to make a quiz page :)


Making a quiz page is a great way to recap key events that happened during the school years and share lesser known memories to keep people guessing! If you’d like to create a quiz page for your yearbook you can do so using simple text box elements on the page like this 🙂

Step 1: 


Choose a background for your page. As the page will probably have quite a bit of text on it, it’s best to use light coloured backgrounds to ensure the page is easy to read. If you want to use a patterned background, try adjusting the opacity setting for the page to lighten your design 🙂

Step 2:


Now you want to add a title to your page. You can do this by clicking onto the Add (+) icon on the left and then clicking add title text.

Step 3:


Use the Add text box option to add in a larger text box and type your questions in the options box and adjust fonts etc as you wish.

Step 4:


To create that quiz page look, you need to disguise your answers slightly! The easiest way to do this is to either rotate the text box containing the answers or to add them to another page further in the book 🙂 And there you have it, one fun filled quiz page made in under 10 minutes!

Stargazer Yearbook Theme


‘I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream’

Vincent Van Gogh may have been a little unhinged but he’s right sure right about this! We’re all dreamers when it comes to a beautiful night sky so it’s no wonder this has been so popular as a yearbook theme over the past few years. I’m not sure I’ve seen a year 11 yearbook go to print without at least 1 person sharing the ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars’ quote! If you want to go for a stargazer theme, you’ll need to head in one of two ways- sci-fi style or dreamy journal style 🙂 Sci-fi styling looks fab with contrasting deep blues and silvers with title fonts like Megrim and body text in Orbiton.

If you’d prefer a softer approach, ‘Dawn of a new day’ is a delightful handwritten font that looks fab on our constellation inspired Wire Frame background and Starfield background that you can see in the example below.



Now we’ve addressed the fonts and theme choices, let’s see it in action hey?! In true Blue Peter style, here is a profile design we made earlier…


And for your cover design, a swirling nebular background teamed with a simple title creates a very distinct look… plus there is still plenty of room on the back cover to list peoples names, add a photo or maybe even an inspirational quote!


Reach for the stars yearbookers and you might just find the perfect theme for your book! Happy stargazing 😀