Using professional images in your yearbook

While you are creating your yearbook your coordinator may mention that it looks like you’ve used professional images within your book.


This is nothing to worry about! We just need to check that you have received permission from the photography company that has taken the images as we cannot go to print without this.

What you’ll need to do is contact the photographer (their details can usually be found online) and double check that they are happy for you to use the images in your book. Some photographers are happy for you to do this free-of-charge, while for others there may be a small copyright fee. Speaking to your photographer can also give you access to high-resolution images which look amazing when printed.

Then, you’ll need to send us any written confirmation you have (via email is fine!) and your book can go to print. If we don’t receive written confirmation this may result in printing delays – and we really don’t want that to happen!


Did you know that you can have free use of Tempest Photography images in your AllYearbooks projects? Simply go to to fill in the request form and then a member of staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Happy yearbook-ing!