Top 85 yearbook awards ideas

Looking for inspiration for what awards to have in your yearbook? We’ve trawled our database of over 15,000 different awards and present to you the top 85 that we’ve found. If you’re loving what you see, why not come and chat to us about your yearbook plans. We’ve got a team of top support coordinators who’ll be happy to help you explore our online system.

– Most likely to become Prime Minister
– Most Likely to Be Famous
– Most likely to become a millionaire
– Most likely to win a Nobel Prize
– Most likely to become a WAG
– Most likely to win an Oscar
– Most likely to take over the world
– Most likely to marry for money
– Most likely to get married first
– Most Likely To Become A Model
– Most Likely To Become A Nun
– Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle
– Most likely to win an Olympic Medal
– Most Likely to rule the World
– Most likely to win X Factor
– Most likely to cure cancer
– Most likely to become a teacher
– Most likely to break a world record
– Most likely to become a comedian
– Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket
– Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30
– Couple most likely to get married

– Best Hair
– Best Dressed
– Best Smile
– Best Laugh
– Best Couple
– Best Dressed Female
– Best Dressed Male
– Best looking Female
– Best looking Male
– Best Sportsman
– Best Sportswoman
– Best Dancer
– Best Bum
– Best Musician
– Best legs
– Best teacher
– Best Newcomer
– Best Artist
– Best Double Act
– Best personality
– Best Singer
– Best Party
– Best Driver
– Best Comedian

– Worst Driver
– Worst attendance

– Most gullible
– Most Sarcastic
– Most creative
– Most musical
– Most Blonde
– Most Hardworking
– Most Artistic
– Most annoying laugh
– Most caring
– Most annoying but loved
– Most Organised
– Most competitive

– Biggest Drama Queen
– Biggest flirt
– Biggest Gossip
– Biggest party animal
– Biggest Ego
– Biggest Poser
– Biggest chav

– Class clown
– Funniest Person
– Rear of the year
– Cutest couple
– Teachers Pet
– Loudest
– Nicest person
– Party Animal
– Funniest Teacher
– Funniest Laugh
– Nicest Smile
– Favourite Teacher
– Blondest
– Loudest person
– Quietest
– Prom queen
– Happiest Person
– The [name of school] prize for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence

Also, a word of caution: whilst awards like ‘Most likely to go to prison’ may seem funny, the person receiving the award may not be so pleased with it. In fact, we’ve had a case in the past of a parent nearly suing a school when their child was given this award – the page had to be replaced to prevent this. If in doubt, ask a teacher what’s appropriate and what’s not, and be aware that every school has their own rules.

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10 thoughts on “Top 85 yearbook awards ideas

  1. Chloe says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! im a senior and working on the yearbook- some of these are SOOO funny! like best legs, annoying but loved and rear of the year HAHA! keep up the good work!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A.L. says:

    My high school yearbook awards for this year are:
    – Most artistic
    – Best eyes
    – Most likely to be a trendsetters
    – Most likely to be late
    – Best hair
    – Best all around
    – Biggest flirt
    – Best friends
    – Best laugh
    – Most spirited
    – Most likely to never grow up
    – Best bromance (best friends)
    – Class clown
    – Most likely to be on a reality TV show
    – Best smile
    – Most talkative
    – Best dancer
    – Cutest couple
    – Best musician
    – Most likely to shock everyone at the reunion
    – Most votes overall without winning a category
    – Most likely to be on Broadway
    – Teacher’s pet
    – Most likely to be a pro athelete
    – Most memorable
    – Most addicted to social media
    – Biggest klutz
    – Most sarcastic
    – Most likely to get their license suspended
    – Most changed since freshman year
    – Best person to bring home to your parents
    – Most likely to win a Nobel Prize
    – Most likely to be a superhero

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  3. Lisa says:

    I would be most loudest, competitive, creative, and most annoying but loved, although I want to be remembered as something more nicer although I am and thank you for helping me with year book ideas p.s sorry this is long <3<3<3<3

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A.y says:

    reallyyyyyyyyyyy helpful thanx so much,u cud add these too
    most versatile
    coolest clique
    coolest rooms(if it’s a boarding sch)
    most connected
    thanx again

    Liked by 1 person

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