Instant yearbook price quote

We love being transparent about our prices – and we’ve always put as much pricing information as possible on our website for anyone to see.

Because the price per book changes as you change the number of copies and pages in your yearbook, we used to have a full grid of our prices on the prices page along with a calculator. People seemed to get quite confused by the grid so we’ve removed the grid this year, replacing it with a more nifty calculator.

Today we’ve added a new feature: a PDF copy of the price quote.

We got a bit bored of constantly emailing back price quotes to people, so now it’s all self-service 🙂 Just head on over to our yearbook prices page and you can download a personalised PDF quote for any valid combination of pages and copies – perfect to print out to show to whoever’s in charge of finance.

Just remember that the price does go up if the number of pages goes up or the number of copies goes down. And vice versa.

One thought on “Instant yearbook price quote

  1. Rachel says:

    hi, im currently researching year books becuase a halls of residence of mine would like to put together a year book, that is colourful, eggective and will last long so hard back at a low price could u help me

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