Mistakes avoided by creating your yearbooks online with us

There are many, many good reasons to create your yearbooks online with us. But by analyzing the Twitter stream I’ve come across the following quotes from people who are obviously not using us for their yearbooks:

  • “They spelled my last name, and some of my friend’s last names wrong in the yearbook. I say we sue them for publishing false information.” by KelseaSays
  • “09 doesn’t even DESERVE me “this is seriously the worst yearbook ever… seriously my name is mentioned once” _Laura Cortez” by hanbanjo
  • “Yearbook didn’t place my senior quote… :(” by Notoriety

So how exactly do we solve these problems? Well with us, everyone in the year can create their own entry online on our website. It’s all collaborative, you see. The yearbook is created by everyone rather than just a handful of editors.

  • Misspelt names? Only if you spell your own name wrong!
  • Name only mentioned once? With us, you get a full entry, usually with 2 photos and masses of text!
  • Your quote not in the book? It will be with us, as you’ll write it online and thus it will automatically be in the book

So please, please… make life easier for yourself and avoid the many potential pitfalls in old-fashioned yearbook creation methods. Create your yearbooks online with us.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes avoided by creating your yearbooks online with us

  1. Reality says:

    Now come on…

    The reality of the matter is that:

    Online systems are:
    – clunky and inflexible
    – slow and frustrating
    – takes ages to upload/download
    – require too many clicks + pageloads

    They create poor quality, generic run of the mill pages.

    Yes, and we have tested your “revolutionary” system in a real environment – and it failed badly!

    It is frustrating in all of the above ways!

    If you want to create a quality publication, then you would use quality software like Indesign.

    It is not hard to get spelling correct. Please don’t blow the 1% of mistakes out of proportion!


  2. jake says:

    Hi ‘Reality’,

    I’d love to know more about your experience with our system – you mention having used it in a real environment… can you elaborate? Have you tried it recently or a while ago? We’ve done a lot recently at addressing potential issues with the things you point out.

    We find many of our competitors web-based systems suffer from some of the points you make, but we’ve been extremely pro-active in addressing them on our system.

    Addressing directly a few of your criticisms:

    – clunky, clicks and pageloads: by adding more AJAX to our site as we’ve been doing this year our web-based system becomes more like desktop software. Pageloads are reduced, drag-and-drop functionality becomes available reducing clicks, and things become less clunky.

    – slow and frustrating: what areas particularly does this apply to? we find nothing but praise from our customers in terms of speed and ease of use

    – takes ages to upload/download: we encourage our customers to convert any custom pages they’ve made to PDF before uploading them, rather than sending the original files. The file size of these PDFs are much lower than the original files. And we allow customers to view thumbnails of all their pages saving them from having to download an entire PDF

    – generic, run of the mill pages: we offer various standard templates which most customers are very happy with, and various ways to customize those to add a touch of change. any any pages other than member profile pages can be created by you in your own software then uploaded to the site

    – InDesign: most of our customers don’t have this software, and buying it would add greatly to the cost of their books. our customers prefer to see books with everyone having lots of writing that they’ve added next to their photos rather than pages with just photos of members, names (often misspelt) and fancy page design.

    I’d be happy to hear more about your experience with us – we really do try to take all criticism onboard 🙂


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