It’s busy season – and next year

It is currently our ‘very busy’ period in the AllYearbooks office; Nic and David’s workload has shot through the roof, there are over two hundred collage pages to create seemingly all the time, lots of deadlines for many of our customers’ yearbooks are coming up soon and monies are flying in like nobody’s business 🙂

Normally I’m busy coding new features, fixing bugs and generally improving our website alongside Jake. But recently I was helping out for a brief period also designing the photo collages and so forth. We’ve hired more help – so far, in the form of Pratik (aka ‘the Master’, ‘Mr P.’ and dozens of other pseudonyms). He’s been beavering away helping Nic and David clear out some of the collage work and doing so remarkably quickly!

Now, on to the exciting news… next year’s website! We’re planning Big Things™ for next year; some of the ideas we’ve had so far are:

  • Completely custom templates: This year we’ve been able to help quite a few of our customers out with having their own page design. However, next year a sophisticated, flexible system is currently being built that will allow you to have just about any design you can conjure up! But more importantly: we’ll be able to create and show you the design in breakneck time! 😀
  • Clean redesign: Jake has been busy prototyping a clean, streamlined and ‘Web 2.0’-feel redesign for our main website (the one you see when you’re not in logged into a yearbook)
  • Going international: we’re thinking about expanding to allow yearbooks to be made from other countries, not just the UK, and hence language support on the website and the final printed yearbooks
  • Facebook app: So many of our current users have an account on Facebook, so we think we should have the ability to complete and manage your yearbook entirely through a Facebook app 🙂
  • iPhone and iPod Touch app: Continuing the trend of making AllYearbooks available whenever and wherever you are, we think an app for these popular devices would be very useful
  • Chat rooms: the ability for all of the hundreds of members in all of our yearbooks being able to chat with each other, their editors and us – the trusty AllYearbooks team

Finally, here’s a sneak preview of what Jake has been working on and constantly refining to make sure that our website is very easy-to-use, modern and accessible:

A screenshot of the work-in-progress prototype design Jake has been creating for next year's website

A screenshot of the work-in-progress prototype design Jake has been creating for next year

2 thoughts on “It’s busy season – and next year

  1. Nick Franklin says:

    Fantastic (and much needed) re-design of your landing page Jake/Jamey…I think it will make a huge difference to your business. When’s it going live?


    Nick Franklin


  2. jake says:

    Thanks Nick 🙂 Yes, it is much needed, but unfortunately it won’t be going live until August some time. Far too many yearbooks to send off at the moment as we’re thick in the middle of the busy season.

    See you soon.



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