Automated backups

After far too much time and effort, Jake and I have managed to make an automated backup system for the AllYearbooks office. Our main network shared drive will (hopefully) now be backed up on a daily basis to two portable 2.5in SATA hard drives, both which will be stored off-site.

Our main office server which hosts our network shares, backup system for the live website and a plethora of other things now detects whenever one of our USB backup drives are plugged in. The logic is: we plug in one of our backup drives at the end of the day, wait a few minutes for any changes to copy across (thanks to rsync), unplug and store them at home.

More importantly, all of our drives are fully 256-bit encrypted (not just password protected!) meaning that if one of these drives was lost or stolen, it be almost impossible for someone to crack the encryption and gain access to our customers’ data.

You can rest assured that here at AllYearbooks we take data privacy and security very seriously. 🙂

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