Site Development – Part 1: The live chat

It’s site development season!

The last few months in Jake and Jamey’s room haven’t just been about increasing monitor volume. While Nic and I keep on top of everyone’s needs, they’ve been programming like demons.

So what’s new? There’s even better security and backups for the online information and enough server capacity to support all the yearbooks people can throw at us. And come New Year, something else — a new and more versatile PDF creator for the online yearbooks!

First though, we should mention the yearbook chat!

This little feature — found now in the bottom right corner of the online yearbook — lets us give instant support and advice to editors, and editors can also use it to talk to each other. What’s more, Jamey spent an entire afternoon stocking it with open source smileys 😀 .

Jake intends to extend the system later in the year to have a separate ‘room’ for editors to talk to each other without our help desk getting involved, and potentially another room for all members to talk to each other too. It’s going to make for an awesome community within each yearbook.

I can’t speak for the tech side of things (although I know J&J gave a talk at a local Cambridge programmers’ meet that went down really well: Refresh Cambridge) but for helping customers it’s amazing! We can help with little queries instantly.

Even a little random chatter goes down well while it’s quiet still. Shows people are on the site and enjoying it!

Chat history has all the conversations stored, and so it’s a great place to gather tips. And from our end, all those emails with typos in are a lot less hassle 😉

One thought on “Site Development – Part 1: The live chat

  1. jake says:

    Apologies to Drupal-ers who may have stumbled upon this. This post was accidentally tagged as ‘drupal’ so will have been syndicated to the Planet. I’ve now corrected this.


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