My new awesome development desktop

Oh yes, it seems like excitement in the form of new hardware has been put into my blessed hands this fine morn’. I have now caught up with Jake and have the same configuration: three spiffy 19-inch TFT monitors with the laptop to the side (mine’s on the left side though). 😀 Comparison: Jake’s work space

Jameys workspace

So logically I should be getting more work done, yet it did take quite a while to set it all up with my new USB hub (the silver bit to the right of my laptop). Overall, apart from brightening up my Friday, this has made my life a lot easier when coding — no more alt-tabbing required! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My new awesome development desktop

  1. david says:

    I have i-mac and want to know if this hub works well and what limitations it has.I have one external screen but I want to be able to use two plus my i-mac screen


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