We’re going live… some time today!

Just a quick one, it looks like once Jake and I sort out the remaining bug fixes and an assortment of data processing jobs, we will be launching the new 2009 website! Some time by the end of today…

The great thing is that our lovely customers will now be able to sign up for a yearbook on the website itself using our new intelligent yearbook creation sign-up process! This saves everyone time and also means you can get work on your new yearbook immediately, which is a big step forward to helping us become the best online yearbook creation system around 🙂

More updates when they happen.

4 thoughts on “We’re going live… some time today!

  1. david says:

    Cute – like the picture. And where did you get that smiley?

    But you’re underselling us. I had a pretty long trawl through other yearbook websites over the summer, and trust me – we ARE the best online creation site. When you two get through your giant heap of ‘things to do’ cards, we’re just going to be mind-boggling! Spectacular as a sesame seed bun.


  2. jamey says:

    That was quite an intrepid series of sensual alliterations you had going there… ‘spectacular as a sesame seed bun’! Oh, yes we definitely are the best online yearbook creation site but I didn’t want to be big-headed now, did I? 😛


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